Editor in chief, Roadmap

A magazine about work published by Allma

I'm currently the editor in chief of Roadmap, a new magazine about work published by Allma.

Work is what we do: whether paid or unpaid, a 9-to-5 or a side hustle, a calling or an obligation. Its purview is as much line cooks as it is lines of code, daycare drop-off as it is hockey-stick growth, housework as it is desk job. Roadmap is focused on individuals: the human experience of being a person who does work in a role, in an organization, in a life.

Editorially independent, Roadmap is not trying to sell you anything. Instead, it's making something—reporting, essays, interviews, advice, comics, poetry, and fiction—worthy of your time.

Some highlights:

You deserve a tech union,” an essay by Ethan Marcotte

Chase Strangio can be a law freak,” an interview with Chase Strangio

Gaming's warped mirror,” a review of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gita Jackson

Recession story,” a comic by Sara Lautman

In all of my dreams, the words I love you,” a poem by Hanif Abdurraqib

Other work