Assistant book review editor, Library Journal

A magazine for librarians that reviews several hundred popular and academic books each month

At Library Journal, I joined the book review section of the nearly 150 year old magazine. (It was founded, in 1876, by Dewey Decimal-creator Melvil Dewey.) There I oversaw the editorial coverage of fine arts, science, memoir, travel, performing arts, among other nonfiction categories of books: assigning them for review and then editing those reviews—hundreds per month—for print and online editions of the magazine. I managed a roster of over 200 book reviewers while also writing myself: book reviews, reported features, essays, and columns, as well as author interviews for print and online editions of the magazine. In a very early-aughts move, I also founded and ran the LJ Tumblr, which garnered coverage from business-to-business as well as mainstream outlets such as GQ and the New York Observer. I led panels at ALA and BEA on Tumblr and libraries (one of which was mentioned in the New York Times) and organized a Library Journal-branded offsite ALA event for librarians on Tumblr.

Other work